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This service can significantly improve the chances of selling properties that need to be renovated. By showing your clients photos of various renovation options during visits, you can highlight the potential of the property and help them visualize its possible transformation. This can be a decisive factor in achieving the closing of the sale.

Our service will allow your clients to observe in a photograph, for example, how would  the living room look if you knock down a wall to join the kitchen with the living room, or put an in-ground pool, or add a fireplace, or if you only want yo change the existing decoration for another one more attractive. You just tell us the ideas and we put them in a photo.

This service will help you:

To get more visits to properties that are in poor condition and you can't sell.

To get more exclusive properties.

To Stand out from the competition.

  1. Send us to the reference photographs and the floorplan as well with the instructions of the changes you want to make; remember to take a look at our Catalogue of virtual staging so you can choose the decoration and furniture.

  2. Once we verify that we have all the information we will send you the invoice and in less than 48 working hours we will be delivering the result to your e-mail.

mobile 666001575

Payment methods

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formas de pago
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