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Con este servicio podemos eliminar de tus fotografìas toda clase de objetos, muebles o decoraciones, respetando las texturas y los diseños de las estancias. ¡Es como si ya se hubieran mudado!

Es la herramienta perfecta para poder publicar las fotos de aquellos locales o viviendas en donde sus propietarios exigen no mostrar los muebles o algunos objetos.

Digital cleaning is a service that allows you to remove all kinds of objects from photos where messiness is the protagonist or that would look better without some furniture and stuff.

Has it ever happened to you that the day you are going to have the photo session of the properties you are going to sell, the owners or tenants did not organize it or they simply have a lot of things and there is no space to store them?

DIGITAL CLEANIG is your solution because you will be able to show what really matters, thus increasing the possibilities of sale.


Remember that photographs are the best way to lose or attract customers.

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